Making a Candle Lantern

 Candle LanternCandles, which were once used as a light source, have undergone a great transition. Now, candles are available in different types and are used for decorating the home, as gifts, etc. The same applies to holders of the candles as well. Although the market is flooded with such magnificent chandeliers, made at home have their own importance. As homemade candles can be made from a wide range of materials available at home. Besides being unique, the holders of such candles are also low cost compared with ready-made. So let's look at the various ways to make a chandelier.

How to make a chandelier?

You can find a lot of materials that can be used for making candles. All you need is a little creativity, you can turn the ordinary to unique candle holders and beautiful, it also can be given as gifts that you can use anything, such as glass vases, cans, plastic chains, beads, buttons, antique candle holders, pretty stones, etc. The list is endless, as there are several things that can be used as your imagination. The following are some ideas about how to make a chandelier in your home.

Candle Lantern

The lantern candle holders hanging around and can be made of cans. Start with the development of forms, such as stars, floral motifs, crosses, spirals, etc., in the can. The next step is to fill the can with water and keep it in the freezer. Keep all night, so that the water is frozen. Now, keep a folded towel on a flat surface and place the can on its side. Take a nail and a hammer and start making the holes along the outlines of the designs that have been in the can. As the can is filled with ice, you can clean holes. You have to work around the can, so that the designs described in the can with holes. As she takes a candle lantern, which has to make two holes on opposite sides near its edge. Now, insert the copper wire through these holes to hang the candle holder. Once the ice melts and the can is dry, paint can or can not leave it that way for a more rustic look.

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